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Guests for 2017


Martin Klebba


Klebba has acted in various productions, most notably the Pirates of the Caribbean series as "Marty", one of Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl crew, in films one through three, and five. In 2003, he played the ring announcer in the Cradle 2 the Grave. In 2009, Klebba played the role of "Count Le Petite" in All's Faire in Love, a romantic comedy set at a Renaissance fair. He has numerous stunt credits as well including Hancock, Zombieland, Bedtime Stories, Evan Almighty, Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie, and Van Helsing. Wearing motion capture pajamas, "Marty" stood in for the Dimorphodon who grapples with Chris Pratt in Jurassic World.

Miko Hughes - From the Roswell TV series.


Miko started his acting career in a public service announcement when he was 22 months old and followed that up by appearing in his first feature film at 27 months old. Since that early start Miko has consistently been one of the busiest young actors in Hollywood. Miko is best known on film for his dramatic portrayal of an autistic boy opposite Bruce Willis in the blockbuster hit Mercury Rising (1998). In addition, Miko has also starred on film in Spawn (1997), Zeus and Roxanne (1997), Apollo 13 (1995), Kindergarten Cop (1990) and Pet Sematary (1989). In addition, Miko has also appeared in numerous television movies. He has also been a series regular, recurring character or guest star on many television series including Baywatch (1989), Touched by an Angel (1994) and The Nanny (1993). Miko received an Emmy certificate for his participation as the voice of "Tommy" in the number one rated Fox animated TV series Life with Louie (1995). His other voice-over credits include the voice of "Sly" and "Witt," twin babies in the feature film Baby Geniuses (1999).


Miko is of Native American heritage and his name means "Chief" in Chickasaw. Miko is also a beekeeper and counts his 30,000 bees as pets. He has two older brothers (Mikhael and Mitchel) and one older sister (Molly). He lives in Apple Valley, California when working but considers his permanent address to be Oklahoma.

Blake Anthony Foster - Blue "Turbo" Power Ranger

Blake Anthony Foster (born May 29, 1985) is an American actor and martial artist. Foster was the Huggies baby at the age of sixteen months in 1986. He began training in American Tang Soo Do style karate under 9th degree black belt Tom Bloom at age 4 and received his black belt on December 15, 1996. He is perhaps best known for his role as Justin Stewart, the Blue Turbo Ranger in the fifth season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Turbo.

Blake assumed the mantle of the Blue Turbo Ranger at only the age of 12, making him the first and only pre-teen Power Rangers in history. He made his debut for the show in the feature-film, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, distributed by 20th Century Fox. This film was released on March 28, 1997. In its opening weekend, it played on 2,113 screens, and pulled in $3,301,135, finishing in seventh place domestically. It ultimately grossed $8,363,899 theatrically in the U.S. and $9,615,840 worldwide.

Foster reprised the role in an episode of Power Rangers In Space, wrapping up plot holes left behind from his abrupt departure at the conclusion of Turbo.

Foster currently holds a 3rd degree black belt in American Tang Soo Do style karate, and is training for his 4th degree black belt testing in June 2013 under Tom Bloom.

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Frozen Unfolded Sisters


Frozen Unfolded sisters, began three years ago, after the Disney animated film Frozen came out in theaters. Karissa and Mariah Sandoval at the time were mistaken as the characters from the film. Just walking into Walmart or the Mall kids ran up to the sisters believing they were the characters. With that being said Karissa and Mariah Sandoval decided to spread joy to those around them and began doing fundraisers and volunteer work for Make a Wish Foundation, and their local Comic Conventions.  They have been featured on Channel 13 KRQE, Channel 4 KOAT, 94 Rock and other local stations. The sisters do events, birthday parties, and performances to make the World a happy place. The sisters are in contact with Disney and all rights are to Disney.©

See the Reel Breaking Bad RV


Relive the sights and sounds of the famous Icon of The Breaking Bad Franchise.  See props from the show and go inside the RV that has been replicated and is a tribute to the best Drama Series Ever.

JESUS PAYAN JR ....... an American Mayan/ French/Italian- with O negative blood. Travel Chanel Mysteries at the Monument has Jesus Jr as one of their UFO researchers. Also a Hollywood Actor "Breaking Bad" "Better Call Saul" " 2 Guns" /producer/stuntman- Former 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidate, Heavy Weight Boxer, Former Falcon Project field crew member /experienced/tattoo artist/commercial artist/musician/writer/researcher/lecturer that has been immersed in the world of Myth, Legend, the Paranormal and the Supernatural since his birth in Spain, Madrid on a IS AT military base in 1976. His first conscience memory of a UFO sighting and possible Alien Abduction was at age three while living in England one hour away from and during Rendlesham forest incident.  Since childhood he has been fascinated and some say obsessed with the world of the Paranormal and UFO's. At age 4 he and his family went to Loch Ness Lake, Scotland for two weeks looking for Nessie the lake monster. His sightings and experiences continued throughout his life from Europe and across North America from Bigfoot ( Sasquatch), Skinwalkers, Aliens, Ghosts, Demons and so much more.......With over 20 years of hands on research and study of Cryptozoology, Ufology, Exopolitics, Ancient Alien Theory, Anthropology, the Occult, the Spirit world, Ancient civilizations, Secret Space theory, Quantum and Theoretical Physics . He's been giving private lectures on his findings and theories since 2005 and continues to this day. JESUS JR was interviewed about his abduction experiences, his accounts were published in the book "A Simple Explanation of Extraterrestrials (ETs)”, by MUFON Investigator Dee Gragg. His next talk will be on Sasquatch. He will speak about the correlations between UFO’s and Sasquatch, Origins of Sasquatch, his own sightings and interaction with a family unit of Sasquatch and Hypertrichosis.

E.J. Wilson


Internationally-acclaimed author and researcher

E.J. Wilson will be at Galacticon 2017,

autographing several of his book titles, including:


Star Trek: Exploring the Original Series

Ludiger: The story of a U.S. Army Commando and his best friend

Ultimate Guide to the Roswell UFO Crash (Co-authored with Noe-Torres)

Everyone is invited to visit Mr. Wilson's table, sit, enjoy some candy and

have great, fun conversations about science fiction, technology,

extraterrestrials, and the meaning of life

 (Yes, he has an answer for that, too!)


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