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Panel 1

Friday @ 11:00pm

 Roswell Mall

Actors Workshop: Breaking into the Industry by Tina Presley-Barek

Tina will be covering

Getting Started:


When should I get an agent?


What is SAG AFTRA?


How do we get started in films?


Local resources?


What's the difference between an agent and manager?


Tina is the Owner and SAG-AFTRA Franchised Talent Agent at Presley Talent LLC.


Tina started her entertainment career as a runway and print model in her Hometown of Port Huron MI at the age of 18. Quickly moving from modeling to spokesmodel for big brand companies, led her to a career in acting and film festival production working on multiple projects including commercial, film and print. From there Tina moved on to public relations and film festival director for the largest Comic Convention in New Mexico, the ABQ Comic Con. After years in the convention scene she decided to retire from acting and turn her focus to her growing list of clients. By merging with her former Agent she formed Mitchell & Presley Talent Group NM and CA. After three years she decided to focus on more intimate relationships with her clients and created Presley Talent NM, an Artist Collective.  Having been an actor and model brings a unique perspective to this fresh, "agency different". By focussing on quality over quantity, we have built a unique list of talent for every project, and we believe our passion for our clients is second to none.


The growing list of artists that Presley Talent represents have appeared in film and television productions including, Star Wars, The Incredible Hulk, The Breakfast Club, Never Ending Story, Power Rangers, Buck Rogers, The Munsters, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Longmire, Colony, Night Shift, In Plain Sight, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story Roanoke, Bella and the Bulldogs, and much more.


Tina currently lives in New Mexico where she shares her adventures with her husband, 4 children, two grandchildren and a rescued pit-bull Olivia.

Panel 2

Friday @ 12:00pm

 Roswell Mall

Working in the Film Industry in New Mexico by John Henry, Local 480


Jon Hendry is the business agent for IATSE Local 480 Film Technicians Union and the president of New Mexico Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO). He has worked to build the film industry in New Mexico for two decades and his efforts have contributed to the creation of thousands of long term jobs. A Scottish lawyer who started in the music business, Jon has been a resident of NM for over 30 years and has worked with every major motion picture and TV show since the early 90's. His life passions are union movements and providing fair wages, safe working environments, equality, and fundamental rights for workers.


Panel 3

Saturday @ 2:00pm

 Roswell Mall

Aerial Drone Presentation for Film Makers by Mike Lanfor

AirPlay Media and Adventure Services  LLC, a Roswell New Mexico based company that  legally specializes in the new and exciting world of Aerial Media with Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS, aka Drones).

They will be presenting on the use of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for indie film makers.


Topics that they will discuss include:


            - Legal certification for commercial UAS operations.


            - Various aircraft platforms and camera systems.


            - The art and difficulties of multi-tasking an aircraft in 3 dimensional space while


            Operating a camera system.


            - UAS Insurance for commercial operations.


            - Dual operator systems and advantages.”


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